Our diamonds started their treacherous journey to the sea millions of years ago, carried along through torrent and flow by the patient power of rivers. Only the most precious and resilient diamonds survive this natural filtration. These are retrieved from the depths of the sea by our divers so that they can continue their journey with you.

Responsible harvesting

Along the Namibian and South African West Coast local divers venture out between storms and pick out Ocean Diamonds lodged between gullies and hidden within gravel beds, a natural and environmentally friendly method of recovery. Our company, Ocean Diamonds Ltd, monitors and audits harvesting to assure that each stone can be rightfully branded a true Ocean Diamond.

Natural stones

Ocean Diamonds are natural and free of artificial treatments. Cutting and polishing is done to bring out the brilliance and beauty of the natural gem.

On rare occasions crystal diamonds are discovered exhibiting the classic octahedral diamond form. It would be a travesty to cut these magnificent gems of the sea and we offer these as nature intended, in their untouched and natural state.

You may also be assured that Ocean Diamonds are never a source of funding for human conflicts.

Choosing a diamond

Choosing the finest nature has to offer, we supply certificated Ocean Diamonds and offer a careful selection of stones, both cut and uncut. We will help you select exactly the right diamond for you.

We can also recommend jewellers local to us in Cornwall to hand make a unique bespoke piece of diamond jewellery to your specification.

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