Diamonds of Known Origin - Our 8Cs of Quality Certification - Ocean Diamonds

Bringing a

sense of value with 8C's

Cut A diamond's precision and finish, from raw and rough, to immaculately crafted.
Coastal Origin Knowing the ocean provenance of a diamond, and the story of its journey.
Colour The colour-grade of a diamond, from colourless to beautifully tinted.
Conscience To what extent a diamond is ethical, sustainable and conflict-free.
Clarity The detailed analysis of a diamond’s natural inclusions and blemishes.
Craftmanship The artisanal skill of setting a diamond to accentuate its brilliance.
Carat How much a diamond weighs, this is quantified in metric carats.
Certified The authenticity of a diamond, validated through official certifications and signatures.

We are committed to improving your quality of choice be progressing the traditional 4Cs of Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat beyond pure function with our additional 4Cs of Coastal Origin, Conscience, Craftsmanship and Certification.