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Ocean Diamonds are completely

and free from artificial treatment


Uncut, untamed and beautifully imperfect.These Ocean Diamonds are exactly as nature
intended, emitting their subtle light from
deep within.


Cut, polished, perfectly proportioned. These Ocean Diamonds have an irrepressible
sparkle, with light emanating from their
smooth surfaces and linear edges.

Ocean Diamonds are exceptionally high-quality stones due to the nature of their journey, only the purest diamonds survive the power of the ocean. They are completely natural and free from artificial treatment.

Ocean Diamonds monitor and audit the supply of our cut and rough stones to ensure ocean origin, 100% of our diamonds are collected by diamond divers.

Each diamond is gifted with a Certificate of Provenance specifying the country of origin and the coastal location from where it has been retrieved. Our colourless Artistry diamonds are cut and polished in Johannesburg and sizes above 0.25ct are GIA Certified and laser marked with their unique certificate number. Our GIA inventory sourced after September 2021 also carries the Ocean Diamonds brand mark laser inscribed on the girdle. Fancy coloured, champagne and cognac coloured diamonds are EGL Certified.

We offer a selection of cut diamonds in various shapes, sizes, colours and clarities and a wide range of rough diamonds. To view our current inventory or register for our trade area please click on the diamond below. If there is a diamond that you have in mind which is not featured here, please get in touch with us as we may be able to source it for you.

Our diamonds adhere to the Kimberley Process which regulates the trading
of rough diamonds and prevents the trade of conflict diamonds.

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