Marine Diamonds - Traceable & Responsibly Sourced - Ocean Diamonds

Discovered by diamond divers off the

of South Africa

Ocean Diamonds is a leading specialist in marine diamonds, bringing nature’s most precious gifts from seabed to surface and celebrating the power of the ocean in every stone.

Between ferocious storms, our professional divers venture out to search for diamonds, where only the strongest will have survived. Consciously sourced and carefully certified, they are then passed on to our skilled artisans who either preserve their untamed nature or accentuate their brilliance.

Ours is a story of courage, discovery, depth and radiance. These diamonds are wild, brilliant and deeply compelling. And this is a chance to carry the ocean with you, always.

Ocean Diamonds started their journey to the sea billions of years ago. They are carried along through torrent and flow by the patient power of rivers until they eventually settle between gullies or become hidden within the seabed where they are discovered by our diamond divers off the West Coast of South Africa.