Sustainable Diamonds & Traceable Diamonds - Ocean Diamonds

We are committed to building a brand that is

and prioritises sustainability at each step

Ocean Diamonds only supplies natural diamonds that are retrieved by divers from the inshore ocean around South Africa through licensed concession holders. Our provenance guarantee has been established through well trusted supplier relationships and is based on their written assurances.

Knowing the origin of your diamond is highly important to us, each one is gifted with a Certificate of Provenance specifying the country of origin and the coastal area from where it has been retrieved, bringing total reassurance of origin.

We work with local, professional divers in South Africa and are proud that our diamonds are retrieved from the ocean in a responsible manner.

Comparable to inshore fishing, the boats are small and they dive close in to the shore. Patience is key as the divers wait for calm conditions in order that the visibility is clear and the seabed is settled. This only occurs a few times a month which contributes to the sustainability of the process.

Much of the equipment on the boats is made by local people. The divers have extensive knowledge of the ocean so they know exactly where to discover the diamonds and they can avoid unnecessary disturbance to the seabed, bringing the diamonds to the surface with minimal trace. We have a concise supply chain to maximise traceability.

We are passionate about this responsible method of sourcing which
supports the local diving industry and communities in South Africa.

Our diamonds are conflict free and adhere to the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley process is an international certification which regulates the trade of rough diamonds. Its standards and process prevent the trade of conflict diamonds.

Ocean Diamonds uses recyclable packaging. We are mindful of our choices and we are constantly striving to improve our practises.