Ellie Air

Introducing ‘Oceano’, an exclusive collaboration between Ocean Diamonds and Ellie Air. Each piece is handmade by the sea in Dorset and made entirely from responsibly sourced materials resulting in a collection of one-of-a-kind luxury rings and necklaces that deeply connect you to nature.

Made purely from Ocean Diamonds and Fairmined Eco Gold, Ellie Air has achieved a truly sustainable, conflict free collection that directly contributes to miners and their communities and brings you closer than ever to the origin of the materials.

The designs are completely unique, first carved in wax, then lost wax cast into gold, meaning that each piece is one-of-a-kind and totally inimitable. Compliment the look with a stacking ring specifically designed to be the perfect accompaniment to your cut diamond and raw diamond rings.

True to the Ellie Air aesthetic the collection is minimal, bold and elegant. A subtle influence of the coast is present, most notably with each one named after a cove or part of a coastline around the world.

The full collection is available to purchase now at Ellie Air.