Traceable & Responsibly Sourced Diamonds - Ocean Diamonds

Responsibly Sourced Diamonds

Since the beginning, it has been our mission to be a fully transparent and responsible brand. The sourcing of our diamonds is at the heart of what we do and puts both the ocean provenance and the diamond diving community first. Here we explore what responsibly sourced diamonds mean to us and how we endeavour to provide exceptional quality, timeless diamonds with care and sensitivity.

Diamonds by their very nature are a finite resource and it would be impossible to categorise them as fully sustainable, however it is our mission to work within a supply chain which acts responsibly and respectfully towards the production of natural diamonds and strives to acquire them in the most sustainable manner possible.

Environmentally Responsible Diamonds

We are committed to responsibly sourcing natural diamonds from the ocean with professional divers. By recovering diamonds by divers we are implementing a method that has low environmental impact, retrieving little at a time and only when nature allows. 

Nature itself dictates how many diamonds can be recovered from the ocean by divers. The ocean permits a few days each month of calm waters. When it is is safe enough to do so and the seabed is settled enough to allow for good visibility, our divers venture out in pursuit of diamonds. 

The equipment used by the divers leaves very little footprint and any sign of the divers working soon disappears afterwards by the action of waves. There is absolutely no drilling or explosives employed, and recovery is carefully executed by the divers so that there is minimal disturbance to the seabed during production.

Socially Responsible Diamonds

For us, sustainably sourced diamonds reaches beyond their environmental impact. From the moment your diamond leaves the seabed we want its journey to drive positive change in the local community and economy. We work with local diamond divers, diamond sorters, cutters and polishers in South Africa who work in the industry by choice and are fairly paid. 

Our diamonds are conflict free and Kimberley compliant, we incrementally have our raw diamonds assessed with the Diamond Office in London to ensure this. We operate a supply chain which allows us to vigilantly trace the diamonds from the point of discovery to the moment you receive them. To support the traceability of our diamonds, we now have our polished diamonds laser inscribed with our Ocean Diamonds brand mark when they are certified with the GIA.

Responsible Packaging

Our diamonds are packaged in 100% recyclable paper packaging. We don’t compromise on aesthetics to achieve this and hope that you will want to keep or re-use our packaging to protect the diamonds or present them to your clients. If you do find you need to move the packaging on, you can do so safely in the knowledge that the journey continues in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. 

Our Brand Responsibility

It is our responsibility as a brand to ensure that we work with jewellery designers who do justice to these high quality diamonds with their exceptional craftsmanship which is why we carefully choose who we work with. We are certified members of Responsible Jewellery Council. As part of this, we take our obligation to do due diligence on everyone we work with seriously and have the required checks completed ahead of providing diamonds.